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15 Aug 14 Local workers hit by Dawei project halt -- WORKERS and local people dependent on construction of the Dawei deep-sea port and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Myanmar's Taninthayi region are facing livelihood problems, after suspension of the projects late last year. ( The Nation )
15 Aug 14 Cutting corners can cost lives, survivor says -- GIVING FIRST-HAND accounts about how the U Place condominium in Pathum Thani collapsed on Monday, a survivor said it began with a sling suspended between two top storeys breaking during cement-filling work, which resulted in the entire six-storey structure caving in, killing at least 11 workers. ( The Nation )
13 Aug 14 International Unions Unite to Defend British Researcher in Criminal Defamation -- BANGKOK: Nearly 100 international and national labor and human rights groups and NGOs have sent a joint-letter to members of the Thai Pineapple Industry Association, calling on them to to urge TPIA member Natural Fruit to drop the criminal and civil charges it leveled against researcher and labor rights activist Andy Hall. ( Laborstart )
13 Jun 14 Cambodian workers flee out of fear -- LEGAL AND illegal Cambodian workers have been flocking to their home country amid rumours the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will crack down on them or close border-crossing points. ( The Nation )
11 Jun 14 Campaign success at KFC Thailand -- The IUF campaign to stop the harassment of union leaders at KFC Thailand has succeeded in stopping management from threatening and harassing union leaders. Changes are underway at the company which the union believes have opened space for KFC workers to access their rights and fight for a living wage. The union has expressed its appreciation to the many thousands who responded to the campaign with messages to the company. ( Laborstart )
19 Sep 13 Thai Union Frozen Products joins ILO's Good Labour Practices programme -- "TUF already has in place an international code of conduct that regulates our operations and our supply chain to adopt and promote good labour practices and refrain from engaging in child labour or forced labour from catch to can," president Thiraphong Chansiri said at yesterday's signing of a letter of intent with the ILO. ( The Nation )
17 Sep 13 Attitudes could affect the benefits of the AEC -- Recently, I came across a very interesting short story in which the author confirmed the regional perception that Thailand's awareness of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) is relatively higher than many of the other nine member countries of Asean. ( The Nation )
16 Sep 13 Struggle for imprisoned Thai labour activist continues -- Sukanya Prueksakasemsuk, wife of the convicted labour and human rights activist Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, visited Geneva to meet with diplomatic missions and United Nations representatives. ( )
12 Sep 13 SAMET HOTEL-OCCUPANCY RATE DIPS TO 29% -- Somsak said that the island's tourism industry was affected by the oil spill in July as well as rubber farmers' protests. He admitted that the authorities had not yet succeeded in restoring tourist confidence in Samet. ( The Nation )
23 Aug 13 Release the Rohinya and let them work in Thailand -- The government should end the inhumane separation and detention of ethnic Rohingya families from Myanmar and allow them to contribute to the Thai economy ( The Nation )
07 Aug 13 Get tough on firms trafficking migrant workers, US official urges -- The Anti-Human Trafficking Act calls for four to 10 years in prison and fines of Bt80,000-Bt200,000 against those convicted of such offences. ( The Nation )
07 Aug 13 Social insecurity for migrants in Thailand legally -- Not only is the Bt300 minimum wage not enforced for migrants, but now the number of benefits they can receive after contributing to the social security fund is diminishing before their eyes. ( The Nation )
02 Jan 13 The 'forgotten' million -- Over a million Myanmar migrant workers living in Thailand still have not received temporary passports and are being forced to pay extortion money to regional authorities to continue their stay, according to officials of the Education and Development Foundation in Thailand. ( The Nation )
17 Jul 13 Minister's role in SSO 'may raise problems' -- The Law Reform Commission's panel overseeing amendment and development of social-welfare law yesterday raised issues about a possible lack of transparency and corruption due to the appointment of the labour minister to a senior role. ( The Nation )
01 Jul 13 End the trafficking and work abuses, or we will pay for it -- Thailand's fishing industry has come under an unwanted spotlight over the past few weeks with two damning back-to-back reports about the use of forced labour from Myanmar and neighbouring countries. ( The Nation )
21 Jun 13 Union slams MCOT over EPL sub-licence plan -- After a meeting with MCOT chairman Sutham Saengpratoom and Chakkraphan Yomchinda, a committee member, union president Suvit Mingmol revealed that it was worried about the costly investment in the sub-licence, though the management has promised that it would break even within three years. ( The Nation )
19 Jun 13 Songkhla ranked fourth highest in human-trafficking -- This report prompted Social Development and Human Security Minister's secretary Anusorn Eiamsa-Ard to visit the province for inspection yesterday, where he was told by Songkhla deputy governor Surapong Panut-ampon that there were many human-trafficking cases in terms of prostitution in the city. ( The Nation )
11 Jun 13 Diseases cut back supply of shrimp plants -- Many shrimp-processing plants in the East and South have temporarily reduced or suspended production as shrimp disease has cut supplies. ( The Nation )
07 Jun 13 Construction firms gear up for mega-projects -- Listed construction firms are readying themselves to participate in the bidding under the government's Bt2-trillion infrastructure project by preparing their investment budgets and non-financial resources. ( The Nation )
30 Apr 13 “Labor Organization releases a survey on rights of construction workers for the Purple- Line MRTA Project, found it is below standard, calling JICA to adopt Core Labor Standards.” -- April 26, 2013, ASIAN Labor Network on the International Financial Institutions (ALNI)/ Thailand gives press release on fundamental labor rights on construction workers, the Purple-Line MRTA Project (Bang Sue-Bang Yai) which the government of Thailand took the loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency). ( Solidarity Center )
09 Apr 13 Labour conflict Electrolux Thailand not resolved, despite pressure GoodElectronics and Swedish union -- On 22 January, on 19 February, and again on 22 March 2013, GoodElectronics Thailand (GET) contacted Electrolux to express grave concerns about the way the Swedish company is handling the labour conflict at the Electrolux Thailand Rayong Plant. So far, GoodElectronics Thailand did not get proper responses to its communications. The GoodElectronics Network has alo written to Electrolux, in support of GoodElectronics Thailand, on 20 February 2013 and again on 28 March. So, far these letters have gone unanswered. ( )
01 Apr 13 Govt readies evacuation plan for Thais in S Korea -- Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsap yesterday instructed the Thai ambassador in Seoul to prepare a plan for the speedy evacuation of all Thais after North Korea on Saturday declared it was at a "state of war" with South Korea. ( The Nation )
29 Mar 13 Deal on medical staff's pay -- "The agreement was made at a meeting on Wednesday," the ministry's permanent secretary, Dr Narong Sahamethapat, said. ( The Nation )
27 Jan 13 4 protests around Govt House -- Rural doctors gathered to press for the dismissal of the public health minister, following his plan to reform the pay system. ( The Nation )
18 Mar 13 SCANDAL OF THAI FACTORY’S ALDI LINK -- A BRITISH human rights ­activist could be jailed after exposing alleged abuses of workers at a factory that supplied supermarket Aldi with fruit juice. ( Laborstart )
14 Jan 13 Thai unions appeal to embassies over abuse -- THAILAND - The Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC) is today leading 650 representatives from four labour unions to rally outside the Australian, US and Netherlands embassies against alleged abuse of Thai workers by employers from those countries. ( )
14 Jan 13 Foreign firms' workers to rally at embassies -- Thai workers will rally at the embassies of the US, Australia and the Netherlands in Bangkok Wednesday to protest against layoffs and alleged unfair employment practices by companies from those countries which employ Thais here. ( Bangkokpost )
14 Mar 13 Unions appeal to embassies over abuse -- The Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC) is today leading 650 representatives from four labour unions to rally outside the Australian, US and Netherlands embassies against alleged abuse of Thai workers by employers from those countries. ( The Nation )
07 Mar 13 Govt criticized for lack of action on women's problems -- The seminar was held by the State Enterprises Workers Relations' Confederation and the Friends of Women Foundation. ( The Nation )
06 Mar 13 Quick thinking can be key to SME survival -- Two manufacturers in the hard-hit textile/garment and jewellery industries are showing that small and medium-sized enterprises can overcome the lower purchasing power from the global recession, lower income from the baht's appreciation and higher cost from the Bt300 minimum daily wage by being fast on their feet. ( The Nation )