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No mooncakes, no iPhone 6: Chinese iPhone factory workers go on strike after being denied free cakes

15 Sep 14

mployer-employee relationship is very subtle. As an employee you do your job, and hope that your boss will provide you the incentives you were promised. When either of the parties fail on their part, things go haywire. That’s what happened at a Chinese plant which makes screens for the new iPhones. Workers were promised mooncakes and a $98 bonus for working on a public holiday, but the eatables they were promised were never given to them, and as a result, the angry workers went on a strike,

The incident happened at the Dongguan Wintak plant in Guangdong Province, which serves as one of Apple’s leading part suppliers and is considered world’s largest producer of LCD flat screens. The factory had previously produced screens for iPads, and is now reportedly producing screens for both the new iPhones.

Over 10,000 workers went on a strike when they didn’t get the free mooncakes they were promised. “There are 10,000 of us in that factory, so when we stop work, nobody anywhere in the world gets their screens. They promised us more money and moon cakes and we got neither,” an employee told the reporters.

Okay, so why there weren’t given the mooncakes? According to a factory spokesman, Dong Teng, it was all because of a colossal miscommunication. “It was a misunderstanding which we are solving,” said Dong. “We don’t want our workers to be unhappy.”

The report however adds that the situation has been resolved now. The angry workers have returned to work. There is however no word on if the workers finally got their mooncakes or not. Jokes apart, mooncake is a Chinese delicacy served around this time of the year to celebrate China’s Mid Autumn Festival. They show their gratitude towards the moon and all the light it provides to allow farmers to harvest their crops at night.

It is not clear if the strike affected Apple’s delivery schedule. The company is said to have placed a massive order for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets to keep up with the expected demand, and plans to ship around 80 million handsets this year.