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Workers demand reappointment of sacked colleagues

10 Sep 14

Over a hundred workers of a garment factory in Beron of Ashulia formed a human chain at Zamgora of Ashulia demanding reappointment of terminated workers, withdrawal of a case filed by the factory management against the workers, and permission to form a labour union.

The workers of Designer Jeans Ltd under the banner of “Designer Jeans Workers' Union” formed a human chain beside the Dhaka-Tangail highway.

The demonstrators claimed that last week they had demonstrated demanding formation of a labour union in the factory.

However, as the authorities did not allow them to form a union, they observed work abstention.

Following the incident, the factory authorities filed a case against 110 workers and also sacked them, they claimed.

The workers said forming a labour union is their right.

The factory authorities refused to make any comment regarding the issue.