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KTCU and KGEU had a press conference to protest to presidential transition committee with Labourstart Act now campaign interim result on Jan. 31, which was a day after KGEU president Kim's collapse from 16th day of hunger strike.

As of Jan. 31, we have 8,113 people signed up for the campaign.

At the conference, Kim Gyungja from KCTU insisted that President-elect Park must recognize KGEU and reinstate all dismissed workers for social integration and better public services. 
She also pointed that Korean government should take full responsibility to guarantee trade union rights as a member of ILO, OECD and G20.
General Secretary of PSI sent a video message for KGEU and KGEU GS read for PSI GS, Rosa Pavanelli.
Right after press conference, KGEU vice president Park Eunhi had a meeting with one official from transition committee and submitted protest letter.

KGEU president Kim's now at the hospital and takes some rest. 
He is stay strong even though his health condition.   

PSI General Secretary video message 



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31 January 2013Solidarity video message to KGEUFrom Rosa Pavanelli, General SecretaryPublic Services International


I am Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of Public Services International ? PSI.Greetings to our brave sisters and brothers in the Korean Government Employees’ Union.I bring you this solidarity message on behalf of the 20 million women and men who stand beside you as members of our global union federation.PSI is committed to supporting you in your continuing struggle to advance trade union rights, fair wages and working conditions, and quality public services in Korea.The most important word in the language of working people is solidarity.

Take heart that you have millions of fellow members in PSI standing side-by-side with you as you fight for justice. We know that KGEU’s president Kim Jungnam has taken the drastic step of going on a hunger strike to back union demands for justice.


While we express our concern for his health, we wish him strength in this strike, and call on the government to immediately address these demands, for positive resolution.

I have personally written to the president-elect of Korea urging her to recognize the legitimacy of KGEU and other public sector unions, and to immediately reinstate the 137 KGEU workers and all other trade union activists who have been unfairly dismissed from their jobs.

It is the human right of these public service workers to speak out for the improvement of public services for the benefit of all Korean citizens.They must not be targeted for exercising their internationally-recognized legal rights to union activities.

I call on this government to support workers’ demands for fair wages, working conditions and trade union rights, in order to deliver quality public services.I urge the government of Korea to respect its obligations as a member of the International Labour Organization, the OECD and the G20.

We call on this government to take positive action, in good faith, to stabilize public sector labour relations, redress human rights violations and advance quality public services.   We look forward to the new government taking these steps immediately. Until then, we will continue to work with allies around the world to press these demands for justice.Sisters and brothers in KGEU, stay strong and keep up the good fight.

PSI stands with you every step of the way.