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Yesterday's Yonhap reported the following: The non-regular workers union at Hyundai Motor's Co. clashed with management over employment conditions on Saturday, with one employee trying to set himself afire.

Company and police sources said 550 workers who have blockaded themselves at the company's main assembly line in Ulsan since Monday clashed with members of management who asked them to end the takeover.

"Vice President Kang Ho-dong tried to speak directly with workers and called for an end to the illegal strike, but union leaders blocked his entry, resulting in clashes and fights," a company source said.


(source of the pics: KCTU)

The source said several non-regular workers were injured while others, who were dragged out by company employees...

Police also said 170 non-regular workers tried to enter another Hyundai assembly line but were dispersed by management using fire hoses, while a 33-year-old worker tried to set himself on fire (but escaped serious injury, according to K. Times, 11.21) during a separate rally at the front gate of the carmaker's factory arranged by the Korea Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)...

Meanwhile, according to KCTU, KMWU is calling for a 'General Strike'. "It can’t be ruled out that Hyundai Motor's militant trade union for regular workers take collective action", today's K. Times reported.